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Published: 31 August 2022

From 4.30pm today, lock 11 on the Murray River at Mildura will be closed as work begins to remove the Mildura weir.

MDBA Senior Director of River Management Joe Davis said the weir was being removed as a standard operating procedure to allow high flows in the Murray River to pass through.

"We expect higher flows to arrive in the next two weeks, as flood waters entering from the Murrumbidgee and Goulburn rivers augment the elevated Murray River flows from further upstream," Mr Davis said.

"Prior to removing the weir, the water level immediately upstream will be lowered by between 0.5 and 1.0 metre. As the higher flows arrive, the river will begin to rise again.

"It will take about 8 days to remove the weir, after which the river will flow freely where the weir usually is. Boats will then be able to travel via the river rather than using the lock.

"Houseboat businesses have been informed of the change in weir operation.

"People are advised not to swim in the water at this time, as flood waters generate dangerous eddies and frequently carry large pieces of debris. Houseboat owners, tourist boats and other river craft are advised to manage their vessels with the high river height and flow rate in mind.

"It is important to take out the weir to prevent the river from banking up and flooding the area immediately upstream. It also protects the weir structure from being undermined by the pressure of higher flows.

"The weir will be reinstalled once the flow rate drops back below 40 gigalitres per day. When that happens will depend on future rainfall and inflows, and we will notify the community ahead of time."

Several of the weirs on the Murray, including at Wentworth, have already been removed. The last time the Mildura weir was removed to allow flood waters to pass was in 2016.

There is an increased chance of flooding this season right across the Murray–Darling Basin and those living along the rivers, including in the wider Mildura region, need to stay informed and know what to do in an emergency.

Keep up to date about flood warnings and river levels at the following sites:

The Mildura weir and Lock 11 are operated and maintained by Goulburn-Murray Water on behalf of the Murray–Darling Basin Authority. 


Contact the MDBA Media office at or 02 6279 0141
Contact GMW Media at or 0438 216 002

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