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Journalists can contact the MDBA media team by calling 02 6279 0141 or emailing

We are a small media team and do not monitor emails after hours (including weekends). For urgent issues please call 0407 054 234.

05 October 2012 Media centre

Mildura Weir to be reinstated

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority advises that the Mildura Weir will begin to be fully reinstated from the 9 October 2012 as flows in the...

28 September 2012 Media centre

First meeting of the Northern Basin Advisory Committee

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority's Northern Basin Advisory Committee met for the first time today in Canberra. The committee was formed in...

28 August 2012 Media centre

Statement from the Chair

Today is an important milestone in the progress towards a Murray–Darling Basin Plan as it represents, under the process mandated by the Water...

22 August 2012 Media centre

Mildura Weir to be removed

With rising river flows and further rainfall forecast over the coming week, the Murray–Darling Basin Authority and Goulburn-Murray Water advise...

16 August 2012 Media centre

Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations receive further funding

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority today announced further funding of the Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations (NBAN) organisation. This funding...

29 June 2012 Media centre

Murray-Darling Basin water ministers meet in Canberra

The Legislative and Governance Forum on the Murray-Darling Basin met today in Canberra to consider the Basin Plan and broader water management issues...

29 June 2012 Media centre

Barmah Choke trade rules relaxed for 2012-13

Trades of water allocations from above to below the Barmah Choke will continue to be allowed in the 2012-2013 water year. While water availability...

29 June 2012 Media centre

Euston Weir pool lowered

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority has begun a temporary lowering of Euston Weir pool. This will assist in operation of the weir as higher flows...


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The Torrumbarry weir pool, downstream of Echuca, will be lowered slightly next week to help improve riverbank stability. @GMWater asks customers to monitor their pumps as river levels drop. Read the full media release: @campaspeshire

1 hour 56 min ago

Read how the vulnerable southern bell frog is getting a helping hand in ❤ to thrive in South Australia’s landscape. #BestScience #Wetlands #RiverMurray #SouthernBellFrog

1 day 50 min ago