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Journalists can contact the MDBA media team by calling 02 6279 0141 or emailing

We are a small media team and do not monitor emails after hours (including weekends). For urgent issues please call 0407 054 234.

01 July 2011 Media centre

Chair speaks about the science behind the proposed Basin Plan

The Chair of the Authority, the Hon Craig Knowles, today spoke to the ABC’s World Today program about the science behind the proposed Basin Plan.

15 June 2011 Media centre

Further lowering of Lake Mulwala to control weed

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority, in conjunction with Goulburn-Murray Water, is planning to further lower the water level in Lake Mulwala...

23 May 2011 Media centre

Authority says findings will be considered

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has once again committed to considering the findings of the Windsor Inquiry. Today the Chair of the Standing...

28 April 2011 Media centre

Torrumbarry Weir pool to be partially lowered

The level of the Torrumbarry Weir pool will be gradually lowered below the Full Supply Level (FSL) of 86.05 m AHD by up to 40 cm. The partial...

21 April 2011 Media centre

Lowering of Lake Mulwala to control invasive weed

Lake Mulwala will be lowered after Easter so as to allow residents and visitors full use of the lake across the Easter holidays. The Murray-...

19 April 2011 Media centre

Landline’s coverage of the MDBA Chair Mr Craig Knowles’ speech to the...

The ABC's Landline program spoke to a number of people in Narrabri about their reaction to the Chair's speech. Visit the ABC News website to watch...

12 April 2011 Media centre

An interview with Authority member Ms Dianne Davidson

Authority member Dianne Davidson has spoken to ABC Radio National's Bush Telegraph program in an interview entitled 'The Murray-Darling Basin...

06 April 2011 Media centre

MDBA Chair Mr Craig Knowles’ speech to the Sustaining Rural Communitie...

The Chair of the Authority, Mr Craig Knowles, has spoken at a conference in Narrabri about his recent tour of the Basin. Chair's speech Good...


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