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30 January 2020 Media centre

Relief of rain brings expected water quality challenges

Despite offering welcome relief to the bushfire emergency and severe drought, widespread rain in the past fortnight has been a catalyst for more fish...

15 January 2020 Media centre

Bushfires to impact water quality in the Murray–Darling Basin

Bushfires burning across the southern Basin will impact water quality in some catchments when the rain finally comes, the Murray–Darling Basin...

23 December 2019 Media centre

Strengthened water compliance on track

Good progress has been made this year to strengthen water use compliance in the Murray–Darling Basin, but there's hard work ahead to ensure Basin...

18 December 2019 Media centre

Bracing for more extreme conditions in the Murray–Darling Basin

Conditions across the Murray–Darling Basin worsened this past fortnight and there are no signs of relief. The MDBA Executive Director of River...

12 December 2019 Media centre

End-of-year report card reveals mixed progress on Basin Plan

The latest report card on how Basin governments are progressing on delivering their Basin Plan commitments reveals great progress in some areas and...

10 December 2019 Media centre

Independent review of Lower Lakes science underway

The science of South Australia's Lower Lakes will be reviewed by an independent team led by Australia's lead science agency CSIRO and assisted by the...

05 December 2019 Media centre

Dry and hot conditions across the Basin trigger water quality concerns

Weather conditions in the Murray-Darling Basin remained hot and mostly dry this past fortnight, triggering water quality concerns in many parts of...

28 November 2019 Media centre

Water quality mapping – a new initiative from the MDBA

A new water quality map was released today by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA), providing a snapshot of the threats to water quality across...


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