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09 January 2019 Media centre

Tragedy of fish deaths in drought shows need for Basin Plan

The recent tragic fish deaths in the Lower Darling are a terrible reminder of the effects drought can have on our environment. Unfortunately, the...

08 November 2018 Media centre

ABC complaint upheld

Two complaints made by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority about the ABC's Background Briefing series titled Best laid plans: The Murray–Darling Basin...

19 September 2018 Media centre

Transparency key to progress towards compliant Water Resource Plans

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority's latest quarterly update shows state governments are working hard to complete the high quality Water Resource...

28 August 2018 Media centre

Drought a true test for Basin Plan and commitment to environment

Drought is a testing time for the environment—just as it is for farmers and regional communities. The Murray–Darling Basin Plan's job is to share...

24 May 2018 Media centre

MDBA welcomes new Authority members

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is pleased to welcome Ms Joanna Hewitt AO and Professor Stuart Bunn who will be acting as part-time members...

08 May 2018 Media centre

Authority welcomes new measures to improve Basin Plan implementation

Meeting in Canberra today, the Authority welcomes the range of government commitments that have reaffirmed bipartisan support for the Basin Plan and...

07 May 2018 Media centre

Amendment essential part of Basin Plan’s environmental goals

This week the Australian Parliament will decide on the future of an Amendment to the Basin Plan to improve how environmental water can be used and...

04 May 2018 Media centre

Murray–Darling Basin Plan will secure the value of water entitlements

The Murray Darling Basin Plan contains strict requirements to protect the value of water, including maintaining the reliability of water entitlements...


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