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Farmers to benefit from new climate tool

Thanks to a new outlook tool, farmers now have access to extreme climate condition information beyond the traditional 7-day weather forecast.

Published: 10 December 2021

Extreme climate outlook maps have been added to the Bureau of Meteorology’s climate outlook service and will allow people to drill down and investigate the chance of extreme weather in their local area.

The user-friendly maps show the likelihood of conditions such as unusually hot or cold temperatures or unusually high or low rainfall in the weeks, months, and seasons ahead for specific, highly localised areas.

The new features use the latest climate science and technology and have been tried and tested by farmers across the dairy, meat, grain, sugar and wine sectors who have found them helpful in anticipating climate conditions and building climate resistance. 

This new tool is part of the Forewarned is Forearmed project, a partnership between government, research and industry sectors, funded through the Rural Research and Development for Profit Program. 
The new outlook maps and features can be viewed through the Bureau of Meteorology’s Climate outlooks page.

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