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New water monitoring stations for the northern Basin

New and upgraded water monitoring stations will be installed across the northern Basin providing improved data for farmers, water users and Basin communities.
Published: 23 December 2021

Farmers, water users and Basin communities will benefit from 20 new or upgraded gauging stations being installed across the northern Basin.

These stations will provide live information on the volume of flows coming down rivers and the possible impacts these flows will have.

The data will improve understanding of river connectivity and better prepare regions for drought. It will inform on the management of water taking, helping decision makers with water-sharing compliance and enforcement across the Darling, Macquarie, Culgoa, Gwydir, Border Rivers and Namoi catchments.

The installation is being funded under the $35 million Murray–Darling Basin Enhanced Water Monitoring and Information (EWMI) program and will see the first 5 stations installed by June 2022.

The project is being jointly funded with the Australian Government investing $1.05 million on installation over the next 2 years and the New South Wales Government investing a further $244,000 a year from 2022–2023 for their ongoing operation.

A further 15 sites will be built or upgraded by the end of 2023.

Map showing the locations where the gauging station will be upgraded or installed
This map shows where 20 gauging stations will be upgraded or installed in the northern Basin to provide improved data for farmers and communities. Source: Hydrometric improvement plan.

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