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Reeling in the benefits of water for the environment

Fishers in Coorong, South Australia are reporting signs of gradual recovery in parts of the iconic wetland thanks largely to the delivery of water for the environment.
Published: 13 December 2021

Despite dry conditions across the Murray–Darling Basin over the last 4 years, water for the environment has been delivered in small volumes via the barrages and fishways which has been keeping parts of the Coorong functioning. 

The much-needed fresh water is helping lower salinity in the north lagoon of the Coorong, which is benefitting native fish populations like flounder and black bream who are gradually building in numbers.

Water for the environment has played a key role in sustaining the wider ecology of the Coorong and without it there would have been no freshwater flowing to the Coorong between January 2018 to August 2020.

We have seen improvements to the Coorong since the Basin Plan was implemented in 2012, demonstrating how the MDBA continues to work with Commonwealth and state partners to deliver improved outcomes by implementing the Plan.

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