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17 March 2022 News and updates

Thallon leaders take future into their own hands

A savvy group of Thallon locals has come up with a smart approach to make federal funding stretch far into the horizon, to shore up ongoing tourism...

17 March 2022 News and updates

Chief Executive update – March 2022

With COVID-19 travel restrictions continuing to ease, Andrew Reynolds, A/g Chief Executive is in southern Queensland this week with our Authority...

16 March 2022 News and updates

Algae farming in Goondiwindi goes from strength to strength

Water, sunlight, and clean air – did you know Goondiwindi has the perfect environment for growing ocean microalgae? This week MDBA Chair Sir Angus...

15 March 2022 News and updates

Water efficiency measures key to ‘Morella’ success at Boggabilla

Murray–Darling Basin Authority Chair Sir Angus Houston kicked off his latest listening tour today with a visit to ‘Morella’ at Boggabilla. The...

11 March 2022 News and updates

Microbats under the microscope

Microbats are often not seen or heard, but there are thousands of them in the Mallee bush and when habitat like the Hattah Lakes are in good health,...

08 March 2022 News and updates

Fish protected by projects

Australian Government funding under the Northern Basin Toolkit is helping to protect native fish by building fishways, installing screens on pumps...

03 March 2022 News and updates

Did you know fish climb ladders?

For World Wildlife Day today, find out the fascinating way fish use ladders to move up and down streams over weirs, barrages and locks for their long...

25 February 2022 News and updates

The Living Murray tadpole hunt

Ever wondered how a scientist monitors how many frogs are in a forest? Watch this video to find out. 


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