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12 August 2021 News and updates

A wet winter for the Namoi and Gwydir

Take a look at this impressive aerial shot of some Gilgai country on the Namoi floodplain, west of Narrabri in New South Wales.

12 August 2021 News and updates

Water initiatives a priority for the Australian Government

The Australian Government is committed to delivering water infrastructure and climate change projects to help benefit and secure the future of the...

12 August 2021 News and updates

River Murray water quality

To help keep the water from the River Murray System suitable for drinking, agriculture, the environment, and recreation, the MDBA has launched a...

11 August 2021 News and updates

Fish back from the brink

Native fish are reappearing in areas of the Murray–Darling Basin where they were believed to be locally extinct or critically endangered.


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