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23 July 2019 Media centre

Model knowledge built on river reality

Complex modelling is a pillar of Basin Plan development and the community justifiably expects that the models used are the best they can be. The...

28 March 2019 Media centre

Farmers and the environment alike need all the water they’ve got

As we move through autumn, I am all too aware that many people in the Murray–Darling Basin continue to face difficult times, with no end to the...

05 March 2019 Media centre

Hard yards keep the Basin Plan on track

If we'd ever been in doubt, this summer of record-breaking heat and low inflows has provided us with plenty of evidence of the very finite nature of...

01 February 2019 Media centre

MDBA rejects key criticism from SA Royal Commission

As Chief Executive of the Murray–Daring Basin Authority (MDBA), I strongly reject some of the key criticism contained in the final report of the...

08 January 2019 Media centre

Continued dry in northern Basin underpins the need for the Plan

People in towns and cities across Australia see the impact of drought on television or Facebook from the comfort of their couches and empathise....

18 December 2018 Media centre

A year of achievement in the Murray–Darling Basin

2018 was a landmark year for the Murray–Darling Basin and the Basin Plan. We are half way through implementing this long term, complex and essential...

30 November 2018 Media centre

Smart farms grow the future

There's no surer sign that the search for innovation in our country is alive and well than the continued popularity of field days, among locals and...

22 November 2018 Media centre

As the Basin Plan turns six, it’s time to look to the future

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan. This visionary policy saw Australia become the first nation in the world to...


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