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03 February 2023 Media centre

Is it a bird? Drones focus on waterbird count in the Murray–Darling Ba...

The innovative use of drone technology combined with coding software is helping to improve the accuracy of waterbird monitoring across the Murray–...

22 December 2022 News and updates

Science driving Basin improvements

More than 100 researchers from 17 scientific institutions across Australia are using science and technology to build knowledge of the Murray–Darling...

22 December 2022 News and updates

Barmah–Millewa Feasibility Study update

Watch our webinar for the latest on the Barmah-Millewa Feasibility Study.

20 December 2022 News and updates

Better water information available through government portal

Version 3 of the Murray–Darling Basin Water Information Portal was this month released with a range of new features to improve the platform.

01 July 2022 Basin stories

Breeding program underway to save endangered Aussie frog

Scientists and volunteers are working together to re-establish the southern bell frog in South Australia's Lower Lakes.

27 June 2022 Basin stories

New technology helping rice growers use less water

New telecommunications tools are changing the way Australian rice is grown

01 June 2022 Media centre

Murray–Darling Basin communities could reap rewards of post-Covid popu...

Regional communities and food producers within the Murray–Darling Basin could reap significant rewards in the post-Covid world, a leading demographer...

16 March 2022 News and updates

Algae farming in Goondiwindi goes from strength to strength

Water, sunlight, and clean air – did you know Goondiwindi has the perfect environment for growing ocean microalgae? This week MDBA Chair Sir Angus...


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