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03 February 2023 Media centre

Is it a bird? Drones focus on waterbird count in the Murray–Darling Ba...

The innovative use of drone technology combined with coding software is helping to improve the accuracy of waterbird monitoring across the Murray–...

24 August 2022 Basin stories

Celebrating river connections during World Water Week

With most of the Murray–Darling Basin currently experiencing higher than average river flows, we're exploring the benefits of connected...

11 March 2022 News and updates

Microbats under the microscope

Microbats are often not seen or heard, but there are thousands of them in the Mallee bush and when habitat like the Hattah Lakes are in good health,...

21 December 2021 News and updates

Fishy revival in Victoria

More than 1,000 fingerlings have been released across Victoria and southern New South Wales as part of a breeding program to help restore a once...

17 December 2021 Alerts and advice

Blackwater risk rises with river levels

The likelihood of water quality issues has increased after the Murray–Darling Basin experienced its wettest November on record.

05 November 2021 News and updates

Waterbird monitoring in the Basin

The annual Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey started in October 2021 with researchers expected to survey 38 sites across the Basin.

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