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22 October 2010 Media centre

MDBA releases Volume 2 of Basin Plan Guide

The Murray Darling Basin Authority will publish the detailed technical background volume of the Guide to the proposed Basin Plan (Volume 2) online...

17 October 2010 Media centre

Wakool and Mid-Murray Water Quality Alert

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority today advised of ongoing poor water quality in the lower Wakool River as well as the possibility of poor quality...

17 October 2010 Media centre

MDBA to Commission Further Socio-Economic study of the Basin

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has announced that it will commission an expanded detailed social and economic study into the likely social and...

12 October 2010 Media centre

Lock at Wentworth closed on 19 and 21 October

To assist with maintenance works, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and NSW State Water will require the closure of the lock at Wentworth on Tuesday...

08 October 2010 Media centre

Basin Plan Guide released for public discussion

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority today released for public consultation and discussion the landmark first-stage document in the process of...

09 September 2010 Media centre

Great Darling Anabranch to receive much-needed environmental flows

The Great Darling Anabranch will receive 47 GL of environmental water, which will see it reach the River Murray for the first time in nearly a decade...

01 September 2010 Media centre

Guide to draft Basin Plan to be released on 8 October

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority today announced that the Guide to the Proposed Basin Plan will be publicly released on 8 October. The Authority...

20 July 2010 Media centre

Release of Guide to draft Basin Plan to be deferred

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority announced today following a discussion of Authority members that, consistent with election caretaker period...