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20 March 2012 Media centre

We weren’t wrong on flood data

In response to The Australian's article 'We were wrong on flood data, says MDBA' (Tuesday, 20/3/12), the MDBA's Chief Executive Dr Rhondda Dickson...

22 February 2012 Media centre

Basin Plan will increase salt export and improve salinity levels

In response to the Adelaide Advertiser's article 'Salt in the wound' (Monday, 20/2/12), the MDBA's Chief Executive Dr Rhondda Dickson...

23 January 2012 Media centre

Getting Aboriginal voices into the Basin Plan

"We need Aboriginal people to have a say about the draft because the decisions that will be set out in the final plan will have an impact on...

15 December 2011 Media centre

Chair's comments at Griffith consultation meeting on draft plan

CRAIG KNOWLES: Well, ladies and gentlemen - ladies and gentlemen, I think it's terrific. I join with your mayor, as a former mayor myself, in...

08 December 2011 Media centre

Minor flow pulses for Mitta Mitta River

These pulses are expected to occur every few weeks and they will be short-lived and at low flow rates, with peaks of less than about 5,000 ML/day....

02 December 2011 Media centre

Summer pulse of environmental water to benefit fish

"The extra water will create a small pulse to benefit the nationally endangered trout cod and threatened Murray cod and silver perch, as well as...

02 December 2011 Media centre

Lowering of Mildura Weir pool next winter

The full drawdown of Mildura Weir pool (to about 3.6 m below full supply level, depending on river flows) is currently planned to commence in mid-May...

28 November 2011 Media centre

Draft plan now available and 20 weeks of consultation begins

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority today made available the draft Basin Plan for public comment. The Authority Chair, Craig Knowles said the draft...