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2021 tour locations

River reflections conference. Connecting Basin communities, industries and ideas

Day 2 of the 2021 conference offered participants exclusive guided tours of Riverina farming enterprises: Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod and Moricom Orchard.

Field trip
The Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod facility
The Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod facility
The opportunity to get up close with a live Murray cod is among the experiences on offer on the River reflections field trip which includes a visit to Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod. The local aquaculture facility grows high-quality Murray cod in open ponds on the Murray–Darling Basin river system – the fish’s native environment. The managing director of the Aquna Murray farm Matt Ryan will escort attendees through the breeding facility and detail the conditions that produce the creamy and mild fine-dining fish.
Dean Morris
Dean Morris on Moricom Orchard
The home of the Seedless Delite mandarin, sold exclusively in Australia through Woolworths is the destination of the orchard tour on Day 2 of River reflections. Moricom Orchard is a 550ha mixed farm holding at Leeton, NSW. It includes 90ha of seedless mandarins and 15ha of avocados. The venture was established in 2007 by Dean and Fiona Morris, Dean’s parents – John and Merryl – and Tim and Roger Commins. The group recognised seedless mandarins as a market opportunity, and now exclusively supply the ‘Seedless Delite’ domestically to Woolworths, as well as export internationally. The Morris’ have implemented an advanced fertigation open hydroponics system, with a strong focus on water use efficiency.
Updated: 17 Mar 2022