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Water management 101 factsheets

The MDBA’s water management 101 suite of factsheets provides a one-stop-shop of ‘Basin basics’ material which helps explain the value of the Basin, why and how water is managed, the role of the MDBA and how we work with Basin governments and a range of stakeholders to implement the Basin Plan, for the benefit of all Australians.


Fact sheets
The Murray–Darling Basin and water management
Who does what in the Murray–Darling Basin
History of water management in the Basin
Water for the environment
Sharing River Murray water
River Murray allocations, water orders and delivery
River Murray operations
Flows to the lower Murray–Darling Basin
Climate change, science and evaluation
Salinity in the Murray–Darling Basin
Explaining mass fish deaths
Sustainable diversion limits
Water markets and trade
Water resource plans
Complying with the Basin Plan
Adjusting sustainable diversion limits
Northern Basin projects
Science and knowledge – modelling
International engagement and sharing knowledge
Floodplain harvesting