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Barmah Choke Channel Capacity and Geomorphic Investigation

This report is the output of a geomorphic and hydraulic investigation into the apparent channel capacity changes and conveyance loss within the Barmah Choke. 

The key questions to be answered through the investigation were:

  1. What is the current geomorphic condition of the reach?
  2. What are the threatening processes occurring within the reach?
  3. Are these processes currently affecting channel capacity?
  4. What is the magnitude and trajectory of change of these threatening processes?
  5. What are the potential management options, opportunities and costs associated with maintaining current channel capacity?

Additional studies have been commissioned by the MDBA based on the findings of this report. These further studies will be published on our website when the reports are finalised.


Barmah Choke channel capacity and geomorphic investigation April 2020