Photo by Josh Smith.

The Darling River in western NSW

Did you know?

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority publishes numerous research and technical reports, educational material and extensive information on the Basin for communities, governments, industry and students. 

The Publications store contains not only reports of the MDBA but also brochures and other communication items. 

These publications are available to download however, if you experience any difficulties with accessing any of these publications contact for an alternative format.

Copyright information for MDBA publications and reports can be found here.

You can explore our environmental and spatial data in the environmental data portal.


Recent publications

Transitional SDL water take reports

Since 2012, Basin states have been required to report on water take in each SDL resource unit as...

Cap compliance reports

In 1995, the Murray–Darling Basin Ministerial Council introduced the Murray-Darling Basin Cap on...

CSIRO Complementary Measures assessment method

Complementary measures include a range of non-flow natural resource management activities such...

The Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism assessment – draft determination

The MDBA has assessed a suite of projects to determine an adjustment to the Sustainable...