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Australian Public Service Census

The Australian Public Service Commission conducted the 2022 APS Employee Census from Monday 9 May to Friday 10 June 2022, with a record 83% response rate across the APS.

With 82% of the eligible MDBA workforce, including our contractor workforce able to respond for the first time, our results now reflect the entirety of our diverse workforce.  

Compared to 98 APS agencies, the MDBA performed well in:  

  • Communication – 16th out of 98
  • Engagement – 22nd out of 98 
  • Innovation – 30th out of 98 
  • Wellbeing – 20th out of 98 

We also received positive feedback around: 

  • supporting people to work flexibly
  • supervisors caring about health and wellbeing
  • satisfaction around non-monetary employment conditions (eg. leave, flexible work) 
  • people cooperating well in teams to get the job done
  • providing opportunities for people to develop their knowledge of First Nations people and history.

A complete breakdown of the MDBA 2022 Employee Census results is now available below.

Find out more about the Murray–Darling Basin Authority, including Careers and the MDBA Enterprise Agreement.


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