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Hattah Lakes - monitoring reports

Monitoring reports from Hattah Lakes, one of The Living Murray icon sites. Read more about significant environmental areas on the River Murray.



2018-19 report
2018 Hattah Lakes Icon Site feral pig damage mapping - Final Report - 2018 -19

This intervention monitoring project mapped feral pig damage to the Hattah Lakes Icon Site. 3,231 diggings around the edges of 18 lakes were surveyed.  Initial findings were that pigs promote weed growth and consume molluscs and crustaceans that are a food source for resident and migratory birds.

2017-18 reports
The Living Murray Hattah Lakes Intervention Monitoring Black Box Reproduction and Tree Health Annual Report 2017-2018

This report presents 2017-2018 monitoring results of the response of Black box seed release and health to the delivery of water for the environment.

The Living Murray: Annual condition monitoring at Hattah Lakes Icon Site 2017–18: Part

This report details annual monitoring undertaken at Hattah Lakes in 2017–18 for River red gum, Black box, wetland vegetation, floodplain vegetation, Lignum, fish and birds, and compares to previous years monitoring results.

Birds in Black Box woodlands in Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, Nangiloc and Kings Billabong spring 2017 to Autumn 2018

This report assesses changes in bird populations over 2014-2017 in Black box woodlands at Hattah Lakes, comparing sites that have been watered with sites that haven’t.

2015-16 reports
Hattah Lakes intervention monitoring- understorey vegetation program - 2015-16

This report presents the condition of understorey vegetation at twenty sites at the Hattah Lakes in 2015-16. The report outlines the methods and results of understorey vegetation composition and tree health monitoring and the development of a vegetation response model.

Evaluating vegetation change at Lake Bitterang - 2013, 2014 and 2016

The report presents monitoring of the vegetation species richness and abundance at Lake Bitterang from 2013, 2014 and 2016 following environmental watering on vegetation condition. The report outlines the survey methods and the survey findings.

The Living Murray condition monitoring at Hattah Lakes - 2015-16

This report presents the 2015-16 condition of river red gum and black box communities, wetland and floodplain vegetation communities, the lignum community and fish communities at Hattah Lakes. The report outlines the icon site ecological objectives and evaluates the achievement of these objectives based on the monitoring results.

Waterbird abundance and diversity at the Mallee icon site - 2015-2016

This report presents the results of waterbird abundance and diversity at the Hattah Lakes and Lindsay-Mulcra-Wallpolla icon sites in 2015-16.

Waterbird abundance monitoring in response to environmental watering 2014-2016

This report investigates the changes in waterbird numbers during the period of February 2014 to May 2016 in conjunction with fluctuating water levels at several lakes within the Hattah icon site.

Black Box reproduction and tree health 2015–2016

This study investigates the influence of environmental watering on reproduction and tree health of floodplain Black Box trees in the northern lake system of the Hattah Lakes icon site in 2015–2016.

Lateral fish movement at Hattah Lakes 2015-2016

This report presents data from a study of fish movement between Chalka Creek and the Hattah Lakes icon site. The sampling methods are outlined and observations of fish abundance and diversity in Chalka creek and the lakes are presented.

2014-15 report
Movement of fish, egg and larvae through Hattah Lakes environmental pumps 2014-2015

This report presents fish assemblage data from the Murray River and Chalka Creek. The report outlines the methods for sampling fish, eggs and larvae. The results of the study suggest there may be a source-sink relationship between the Murray River and Chalka Creek respectively.

Updated: 09 Oct 2019  •   Independent reports