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Hattah Lakes monitoring reports

Monitoring reports from Hattah Lakes, one of The Living Murray icon sites. Read more about significant environmental areas on the River Murray.


Waterbird abundance and diversity at the Mallee icon sites

This report presents the results of waterbird abundance and diversity at the Hattah Lakes and Lindsay-Mulcra-Wallpolla icon sites in 2015-16.

Waterbird abundance monitoring in response to environmental watering

This report investigates the changes in waterbird numbers during the period of February 2014 to May 2016 in conjunction with fluctuating water levels at several lakes within the Hattah icon site.

Black Box reproduction and tree health

This study investigates the influence of environmental watering on reproduction and tree health of floodplain Black Box trees in the northern lake system of the Hattah Lakes icon site in 2015–2016.

Published: 13 Feb 2018  •   Independent reports