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Historical flows in the southern connected Murray–Darling Basin

Over recent years there have been significant changes on the River Murray, including expansion of permanent horticulture, recovery of water for the environment, increased trade and reduced channel capacity through the Barmah–Millewa forest. These changes have resulted in concerns that the river system will not be able to deliver water allocation to users when they need it.

This study analyses historical flow data over the past 35 years to provide a factual understanding of recent changes in the flow regime, particularly over the peak demand period in summer. The report looks at the following key sites:

  • the River Murray near the Barmah Choke
  • the Edward–Wakool system
  • tributaries of the River Murray between the Barmah Choke and Murray–Darling junction, in particular the Goulburn River and Murrumbidgee River
  • the Kiewa River and Ovens River.


Historical flows in the southern connected Murray–Darling Basin report May 2021