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Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla islands monitoring reports

Monitoring reports from the Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla islands , one of The Living Murray icon sites. Read more about significant environmental areas on the River Murray.


2018-19 reports
Lake Wallawalla Vegetation and Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Program 2018

This 2018 study assessed the conditions of the aquatic ecosystem and vegetation in Lake Wallawalla and provides baseline information on productivity, food sources and habitat available for fish and birds that use the lake.

2017-18 reports
The Living Murray: Annual condition monitoring at Lindsay-Mulcra-Wallpolla Icon Site 2017–18: Part A

This report details annual monitoring undertaken at Lindsay-Mulcra-Wallpolla icon site in 2017–18 for River red gum, Black box, wetland vegetation, floodplain vegetation, Lignum, Cumbungi fish and birds, and compares to previous years monitoring results.

2016-17 report
Fish movement in the Lindsay and Mulcra Island anabranch systems

This report presents the results from fish movement monitoring in the Lindsay-Mulcra-Wallpolla icon site in 2016-17. The program monitored movement of large bodied fish between the River Murray channel and various anabranches.

2015-16 reports
Condition monitoring at Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla Islands

This condition monitoring report documents changes in the condition of the whole-of-icon-site in 2015-16, including changes to floodplain trees, vegetation communities, Lignum, Cumbungi and fish assemblages.

Waterbird abundance and diversity at the Mallee icon sites

This report presents the results of waterbird abundance and diversity at the Hattah Lakes and Lindsay-Mulcra-Wallpolla icon sites in 2015-16.

Fish movement in response to environmental watering of Potterwalkagee Creek 2015-2016

This report presents data from fish sampling undertaken at Potterwalkagee Creek, Victoria.

The report describes the observed assemblage of adult and juvenile fish from native and non-native species. The report also comments on the overall abundance and diversity of fish and crustacean species.

2014-15 report
Waterbird Monitoring Mulcra Island 2014-15

This report presents data from waterbird surveys taken at Mulcra Island.

The report outlines the survey method and the observed composition of the waterbird community according to the abundance and the diversity of waterbird species.