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The Lower Lakes, Coorong and Murray Mouth monitoring reports

Monitoring reports from the The Lower Lakes, Coorong and Murray Mouth, one of The Living Murray icon sites. Read more about significant environmental areas on the River Murray.


2016 - 2017 Reports
Condition monitoring of threatened fish populations in Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert

This report presents data from 2016-17 threatened fish condition monitoring at Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert. The threatened species of interest are of the Murray hardyhead, Southern pygmy perch and Yarra pygmy perch.

Lower Lakes vegetation condition monitoring

This project assesses aquatic vegetation condition in five habitats in the Lower Lakes by assessing the achievement of habitat-specific targets.

Fish assemblage structure, movement and recruitment in the Coorong and Lower Lakes

This report provides the results of 2016-17 monitoring of fish assemblage downstream of the barrages and the movement of species between the Coorong and Lower Lakes through the barrage fishways.

Assessing Obligate Habitat of Threatened Pygmy Perches in Lake Alexandrina

This study looks at the suitability of habitats for Southern Pygmy Perch on Hindmarsh Island to better understand the factors that may promote the recovery of the threatened populations.

Published: 23 Apr 2018  •   Independent reports