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Northern Basin Toolkit progress

The Australian Government is working with the New South Wales and Queensland governments to implement a suite of water management tools – the Northern Basin Toolkit.

The Northern Basin Toolkit measures are designed to improve water management practices and passage of flow without depending on additional water. This includes policy and management changes to water sharing rules and arrangements to better protect water for the environment and improved co-ordination of cross-border and catchment environmental water planning and delivery to achieve whole-of-north environmental outcomes.

The initiatives include infrastructure works such as installation of fishways on weirs and fish screens on pumps to promote fish movement and protect fish from extraction.  The toolkit measures are seeking to overcome constraints in the Gwydir catchment that are limiting the ability to deliver water for the environmental to the internationally-significant Gwydir wetlands and downstream to the Barwon–Darling River.

The Basin governments agreed work plan to implement these toolkit measures provides the latest summary of progress.

For more detail about the Northern Basin Projects check out the project page here.


Northern Basin Toolkit – updated status of implementation, August 2022