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2017 Basin Plan Evaluation reports

It’s been five years since the Basin Plan was established – it’s time to check how implementation is going. The 2017 Basin Plan Evaluation considers environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes seen so far, and whether these outcomes are in line with what was expected five years ago. A series of technical reports providing in-depth analysis and results have been developed. The data sets from the evaluation are available from the Australian government website

For summary of the findings and recommendations, see 2017 Basin Plan Evaluation

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Evaluation reports
Basin Plan Evaluation 2017 - snapshot
Basin Plan Evaluation 2017 - full report
Social and economic reports
Social and economic snapshot
Social and economic benefits from environmental watering
Southern Basin community modelling

An independent report released in February 2018.

Environmental technical reports
Environmental Assets

The Basin Plan Environmental Assets Technical Report discusses the environmental assets and functions of the Murray-Darling Basin. This report focuses briefly on what information is currently being collected in order to inform the 2020 evaluation, and makes recommendations on actions that should be undertaken or continued in order to effectively report on environmental assets and functions in 2020.

Native Fish
River flows and connectivity
Water quality and salinity

This document contains summaries and links to technical reports and data sources used in the analysis of the water quality and salinity section of the 2017 Basin Plan evaluation.

Implementation technical reports
Basin Plan Adaptive Management Framework

The Basin Plan Adaptive Management Framework technical report provides an evaluation of the Basin Plan as an Adaptive Management Framework to determine how well the Basin Plan is operating in terms of enabling and achieving adaptive management of the Basin's water resources.

Environmental Management Framework Implementation
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources technical reports
Commonwealth water reform investments in the Murray–Darling Basin: Analysis of social and economic outcomes
Economic effects of the Commonwealth water recovery programs in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area
Published: 13 Dec 2017  •   MDBA reports