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2020 Basin Plan Evaluation Framework

The Basin Plan aims to share water between all users, including the environment, in a sustainable way. The Evaluation Framework sets out the overarching approach to the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) led evaluation of the effectiveness of the Basin Plan.

The Basin Plan must be evaluated every 5 years. A preliminary evaluation was conducted in 2017. The first full evaluation was undertaken in 2020. The next evaluation will be completed in 2025 in time to inform the review of the Basin Plan in 2026.

Improvements to the evaluation framework

The evaluation framework was reviewed in 2019 and the improved framework was used to guide the 2020 Evaluation. The 2019 review included lessons and recommendations from:

  • the 2017 Basin Plan Evaluation
  • an independent review of the 2017 Basin Plan Evaluation
  • the Productivity Commission’s report on National Water Reform.

The framework is currently being reviewed again to incorporate lessons from the 2020 Evaluation.

Evaluation themes

The 2019 evaluation framework defines the focus and specific topics for the evaluation (themes).

Themes used in the evaluation of the Basin Plan

Diagram of 3 types of themes in Basin Plan evaluation: implementation themes, short-term desired outcomes themes, themes towards a healthy working and sustainable Murray-Darling Basin


Summary of the Basin Plan Evaluation Framework
Framework for evaluating the Basin Plan

This document was updated in August 2019 to correct some typographical errors

Updated: 16 Nov 2022  •   MDBA reports