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Basin annual environmental watering priorities 2017-18

We have identified watering priorities to guide the annual planning and prioritisation of water for the environment across the Murray—Darling Basin over the next few years.

These Basin-wide environmental watering priorities build on local, regional and state priorities and represent annual steps needed to achieve the Basin Plan’s long-term goals for native vegetation, waterbirds, native fish, and river flows and connectivity.

While conditions in 2016 gave native plants and animals in the Basin a chance to bounce back, many sites and species need follow-up watering to build on this and boost their resilience for the dry times that will inevitably return.


Basin environmental watering priorities - June 2017
Basin environmental watering priorities - June 2017 (full report)
Case studies
MLDRIN Aboriginal environmental outcomes in Gunbower Forest
NBAN Aboriginal environmental outcomes in the Macquarie Marshes
Published: 29 Jun 2017  •   MDBA reports