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Basin annual watering priorities 2016-2017

Each year the Murray–Darling Basin Authority prioritises environmental watering for the basin as a whole, depending on what animals, plants and sites need it most.

These whole-of-basin priorities guide planning of environmental watering across the basin. We identify them in consultation with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, basin states and local authorities, and complement local, regional and state priorities.

The whole-of-basin priorities for 2016-17 anticipated dry conditions continuing but  also identified priorities should conditions change and more water become available.

We updated the priorities in November 2016 to add five more priorities in response to wetter conditions in parts of the Basin, to make the most of available water.

The whole-of-basin priorities describe the watering needed in  2016-17 to ensure we achieve the long-term environmental goals for native vegetation, waterbirds, native fish and river flows and connectivity, as set out in the Basin-wide environmental watering strategy.



Snapshot of environmental priorities 2016-17
Overview of the environmental watering priorities 2016-17
Environmental watering priorities 2016-17
Environmental watering priorities 2016-17 - addendum
Published: 20 Jun 2016  •   MDBA reports