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Basin Plan Evaluation 2025

The Basin Plan aims to share water between all users, including the environment, in a sustainable way.

The Basin Plan must be evaluated every 5 years. The next evaluation will be completed in 2025. It will aim to:

  • inform the 10-yearly review of the Basin Plan in 2026
  • contribute to ongoing Basin Plan implementation by Basin government water management agencies
  • communicate the effectiveness, appropriateness and impacts of the Basin Plan to the intended audience.

Guiding the planning of the 2025 Basin Plan Evaluation is the Framework for the 2025 Basin Plan Evaluation and the 2025 Basin Plan Evaluation Roadmap.

The 2025 Evaluation Framework:

  • provides transparency to the evaluation process
  • ensures the evaluation will meet the legislative requirements
  • inform the continued implementation and improvement of the Basin Plan.

The 2025 Evaluation Roadmap:

  • describes the Authority’s approach to the 2025 Basin Plan Evaluation.
  • sets out the design elements, key timeframes, activities and milestones, as well as roles and responsibilities of the Authority, Basin governments and other key stakeholders.


2025 Basin Plan Evaluation Roadmap
Framework for the 2025 Basin Plan Evaluation
Updated: 07 Dec 2022  •   MDBA reports