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Basin Plan evaluation framework

The Basin Plan aims to share water between all users, including the environment, in a sustainable way. The Evaluation Framework is used by the MDBA to evaluate if the Basin Plan is on track.

The Basin Plan must be evaluated every five years. The first evaluation was in 2017, the next evaluations will be in 2020 and then 2025. After the 2017 evaluation we reviewed and revised the evaluation framework to ensure future evaluations better meet the requirements of the Water Act and Basin Plan.

The evaluation process needs to be robust and measure and assess how implementation is tracking. It assesses if Basin Plan outcomes are being achieved and areas for improvement.

Changes to the Framework

We have revised the Evaluation Framework to ensure requirements are met. It now includes lessons and recommendations from:

  • the 2017 Basin Plan Evaluation
  • an independent review of the 2017 Basin Plan Evaluation
  • the Productivity Commission’s report on National Water Reform.

The Evaluation Framework is for both us and our Commonwealth and Basin State partner agencies.

Changes for Basin states

Obligations for the MDBA are more clearly defined in the revised Evaluation Framework. It clearly identifies links with Basin states and Commonwealth partners’ obligations.

A collaborative and participatory approach to evaluation will be taken to increase evaluation transparency and enhance the MDBA’s capacity to learn and adapt.

The final step in the Evaluation Framework is implementing adaptive management. The Authority will work with partner agencies and key stakeholders to ensure ongoing improvement.

Changes to evaluation themes

The Evaluation Framework defines the focus and specific topics (themes). Some themes have changed to make findings more meaningful to stakeholders.

The Evaluation Framework identifies a need for each theme to have an Evaluation Plan to align:

  • key evaluation questions (listed in the Basin Plan)
  • theme specific questions
  • relevant targets
  • data or information sources.

Evaluation Plans are currently in development in consultation with stakeholders.

Evaluation outcome and implementation themes



Summary of the Basin Plan Evaluation Framework
Framework for evaluating the Basin Plan

This document was updated in August 2019 to correct some typographical errors

Updated: 09 Dec 2019  •   MDBA reports