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Basin-wide environmental watering strategy

The Basin-wide environmental watering strategy, published in 2014, builds on the environmental objectives in the Basin Plan. It sets out the improvements that we expect to see for river flows and connectivity, native vegetation, waterbirds and native fish with the water being recovered for the Basin environment and other measures to improve flows in the river system.

The strategy supports environmental water holders, Basin state governments, water managers and river operators to plan and manage environmental watering at a Basin scale and over the long term, to achieve the environmental objectives of the Basin Plan. It is complemented by regional long-term watering plans for each water resource plan area, which have a catchment focus.

Review of the strategy every five years

The Basin Plan requires the strategy to be reviewed at least every five years. The strategy was first published in November 2014, so it needs to be updated in 2019. The work to review and update the strategy is underway and a draft has now been released.

Get involved – how to provide feedback on the draft strategy

The public feedback period opens on Friday 2 August and closes midnight on Monday 2 September. Your feedback can be submitted via:

Visit the Get involved page for more information about how the MDBA will manage submissions it receives by the 2 September deadline.

Water for the environment is river water specifically set aside by Basin governments to restore, maintain and improve the ecological health of rivers, floodplains and wetlands.


2014 Basin-wide environmental watering strategy
Summary of the Basin-wide environmental watering strategy
Basin-wide environmental watering strategy
Updated: 02 Aug 2019  •   MDBA reports