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Compliance and enforcement documents


The compliance and enforcement policy

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy outlines the Murray–Darling Basin Authority's (MDBA) approach to compliance and enforcement under the Water Act 2007 (Cwlth) and the Basin Plan 2012 (Cwlth). The Policy explains to the community, businesses, regulated entities and government agencies how and why the MDBA conducts its compliance and enforcement activities.

Compliance priorities 2018–19

The MDBA sets compliance priorities for each water year (July – June) based on a horizon scan and a detailed risk assessment of Basin Plan non-compliance for each of the MDBA's key compliance areas, as set out in the MDBA's Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

Water compliance activity reporting

Easy to locate, consistent reporting is critical to the transparency of compliance frameworks and practices, and underpins community confidence in the effectiveness of the compliance system. In response to the Murray-Darling Basin Water Compliance Review, the MDBA has developed reporting guidelines for Basin States and the MDBA to publically report on their water compliance activities and breaches within the Murray-Darling Basin. The MDBA will publish all jurisdictional reporting on its website from 2017-2018 onwards.

Timeline of the Basin Compliance review recommendations
Register of non-compliance allegations - current

Revised to 23 July 2018

Register of non-compliance allegations - February 2018
Register of non-compliance allegations - November 2017
Compliance escalation pathway
Memorandum of Understanding with the NSW Natural Resources Access Regulator
Model improvement program

The MDBA continues to develop and use hydrologic models to inform policy, Basin Plan compliance activities, management and operations of rivers in the Murray–Darling Basin. Through the Murray–Darling Basin Water Compliance Review, the MDBA committed to “publish a model improvement program for its hydrologic models”. The Model Improvement Program outlines components and timeframes for three models used to support Basin Plan implementation: the Source Murray Model, the Integrated Modelling Framework, and Hydrodynamic Models. Read the Model improvement program - MDBA hydrological models.

Published: 02 Jul 2018  •   MDBA reports