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Environmental Watering Plan Review

The Environmental Watering Plan (Chapter 8 of the Basin Plan) came into effect in 2012. It sets out environmental objectives and targets for water-dependent ecosystems, a planning framework for managing planned and held environmental water to meet these objectives, methods to identify environmental assets and principles to prioritise the use of water for the environment.

The Environmental Watering Plan (EWP) is the legislative framework that guides and fosters co-ordination for environmental water holders, Basin state governments, water managers and the Commonwealth to achieve the environmental objectives of the Basin Plan. The EWP provides complementary long-term planning and annual prioritisation for the Basin as a whole (Basin-scale) and for each water resource plan area (regional-scale) through State and Basin Annual Environmental Watering Priorities, Long-Term Watering Plans and the Basin-wide Environmental Watering Strategy.

The Basin Plan requires that the EWP be reviewed before the end of 2020. The purpose of the review is to assess the effectiveness of the EWP in contributing to the achievement of the objectives set out in Chapter 8. It must include a review of the targets for river flows and connectivity, native vegetation, waterbirds and native fish in Schedule 7 of the Basin Plan. The MDBA comprehensively reviewed the EWP, drawing on feedback from environmental water holders and managers, water planners, independent scientists, First Nations, and peak groups representing a range of interests from conservation to farming. Basin state governments, the then Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder and other relevant bodies were provided with an opportunity to comment on the draft review report before publication. 


Review of the Environmental Watering Plan March 2021
Overview of the Environmental Watering Plan Review
Updated: 22 Jul 2022  •   MDBA reports