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Goulburn-Murray – Water resource plan

Victoria formally submitted the proposed Goulburn-Murray Water Resource Plan (proposed WRP) package for assessment to the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (the MDBA) under the Water Act 2007 (Cth). At the time of publication, a recommendation on accreditation has not yet been made by the MDBA to the Commonwealth Minister responsible for water. The proposed WRP is not operational. The publication of the proposed WRP on the MDBA’s website is to enable transparency. Note Victoria has presented the proposed WRP in combination with the proposed Victorian Murray and Northern Victoria Water Resource Plans.


Victoria - Proposed Goulburn-Murray Water Resource Plans Factsheet
Key documents
Victoria’s North and Murray Water Resource Plan Index Table (2019)
Victoria’s North and Murray Comprehensive Report – Part 1 – 30 April 2019
Victoria’s North and Murray Comprehensive Report – Part 2 – 30 April 2019
Updated: 08 May 2019  •   MDBA reports