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Measures to protect environmental water

Water for the environment maintains and improves the health of rivers by providing water to protect plants, animals, and iconic landscapes that rely on rivers. Healthy rivers support communities and agriculture to thrive. New rules and regulations are progressively being implemented to protect this water and ensure the environment continues to benefits.

The Interim register of measures to protect environmental water summarises the existing state laws, instruments, and policies that currently protect water for the environment across the Basin. This register will be updated as new regulations and rules are implemented and water resource plans are accredited. Protecting water for the environment is critical for the ongoing health and sustainability of the Basin. Water management and regulations are different in every area of the Basin. The register is an action from the Murray–Darling Basin Water Compliance Review and a commitment under the Murray–Darling Basin Compliance Compact.

The register includes case studies to demonstrate how new protection measures will work in the future. As it is updated, the register will indicate whether arrangements are sufficient to protect water for the environment. The MDBA will enforce compliance with accredited water resource plans and the sustainable diversion limits.

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Environmental water protection measures register - at a glance
Interim register of measures to protect environmental water in the Murray–Darling Basin
Updated: 09 Dec 2019  •   MDBA reports