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New water infrastructure guide

Water infrastructure is critical to a healthy and productive Murray–Darling Basin. Safe and secure water supplies underpin the prosperity and resilience of regional communities. Water infrastructure also enables water to be delivered where and when it is needed, including water for the environment.

The Basin Plan and the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement do not prevent investment in new water infrastructure in the Murray-Darling Basin. The construction and operation of new infrastructure does need to be consistent with the Basin Plan, and there are also obligations that need to be met under the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement, to ensure there is no backward step towards unsustainable water management practice.

The MDBA has prepared a guide to help new infrastructure proponents and water planners understand how water infrastructure developments intersect with water management requirements in the Basin Plan, and obligations set out in the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement.

This information is provided for guidance only and proponents of water infrastructure projects should seek advice specific to their own circumstances.


New water infrastructure in the Murray–Darling Basin May 2021