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Northern Basin Review - technical overview of the social and economic analysis

The Northern Basin Review is informed by a socioeconomic analysis of how different levels of water recovery are likely to affect northern Basin communities and industries.

This report focuses on 21 communities in the northern Basin, recognising water recovery affects individual communities in different ways. These impacts are influenced by the social characteristics and structure of each community as well as the make-up of its local economy. This analysis expands on the social and economic analysis undertaken for the development of the Basin Plan in 2012, and is the first time such information has been available for individual communities.

This report summarises the findings for one part of the Northern Basin Review: an assessment of the social and economic impacts of water recovery. Please note that the Authority is still actively undertaking its decision making process and is yet to make final recommendations for water recovery in the northern basin.

This report was updated on 21 December 2016.