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River reflections 2021 conference presentations

Presentations at the 2021 River reflections conference covered a range of topics, including First Nations, climate change, and the latest in river science.

You can watch Day 1 of the conference here.

View the 2021 conference program

Download the PowerPoint presentations below.


2021 conference presentations
Professor Mark Howden

Are we ready? Our changing climate

Karen Hutchinson

Sustainability for success: Adapting to change

Erin Lenon

Fish, feathers and flows:environmental outcomes. Water for the Environment

Geoff McLeod

Sustrainability for success: adpating to change. Adaptation in farming systems

Michael Murray

Cotton in the Southern Murray–Darling Basin

Andrew Reynolds

River Murray System Water Resource Outlook

Adrian Weston

Sustainability for success: adapting to change. Resiliance and apaption 

Anna Wilson

Fish feathers and flows:environmental outcomes. Local land services, local project