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Submissions and responses by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority


South Australian Murray–Darling Basin Royal Commission
Submission - September 2018

Provides an update on Basin Plan implementation and references key work of the MDBA.

MDBA response to the Royal Commission - February 2019
Productivity Commission

The Productivity Commission conducts five yearly inquiries into the effectiveness of the implementation of the Basin Plan and water resource plans. The MDBA’s submission to the Productivity Commission for the 2018 review reports on the role of the Murray–Darling Basin Authority, the implementation of the Basin Plan so far and the next steps for the MDBA.

Submission to the Productivity Commission - October 2018
Submission to the Productivity Commission - May 2018
Environment and Communications Legislation Committee’s inquiry into the Water Amendment (Purchase Limit Repeal) Bill 2019
Submission to the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee - February 2019
Published: 31 May 2018  •   MDBA reports