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Summary of analysis undertaken to support the experienced river operators' workshop

This report summarises the analysis undertaken to support the Experienced River Operators Workshop which was held on 19 April 2012 in Canberra. The workshop brought together river operations and modelling experts from across the southern connected Basin. The workshop investigated opportunities for changes to river management arrangements to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of both consumptive users and the environment, recognising that despite progressive changes to river management over the past 20 years, a "new way to manage rivers" is needed to most effectively implement the Basin Plan.

The workshop focussed on how to increase overbank flows in the Lower Murray (between 50 000 ML/d and 80 000 ML/d at the South Australian border) as: flows within this range achieve the greatest increase in area of floodplain inundated for every extra gigalitre of flow; and achieving such events has proven to be one of the most intractable environmental flow challenges.  It was hoped that if the problem could be addressed, there would be flow on benefits for the environment across the southern-connected Basin.