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Sustainable diversion limit reporting

One of the primary objectives of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan (the Basin Plan) is to ensure the water resources of the Basin are shared between all water users in a sustainable way; striking a balance and maintaining a healthy and productive system to sustainably support industries, the environment and communities.

The Basin Plan introduced a water accounting framework based on sustainable diversion limits which came into force from 1 July 2019. The sustainable diversion limit (SDL) framework applies to 29 surface water and 80 groundwater SDL resource units.

To ensure transparency of water use and held data the Murray–Darling Basin Authority annually publish the sustainable diversion limit Registers of Take. The MDBA also publishes separately a Water Take Report annually which analyses the data and longer-term trends.

The Inspector-General of Water Compliance audits, investigates and enforces compliance with sustainable diversion limits, and is responsible for assurance of Basin state compliance and enforcement frameworks. See their statement on sustainable diversion limit compliance for 2020–21.

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Water Take reports
Water Take report 2020–21
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State narrative reports 2020-21 water year

When Basin states submit their sustainable diversion limit water accounting data to the MDBA each year, they also provide narrative reports setting out the particular water availability and reporting conditions experienced in that state in the relevant year.

Queensland state narrative report
New South Wales state narrative report
Australian Capital Territory state narrative report
Victoria state narrative report
South Australia state narrative report
Updated: 02 Sep 2022  •   MDBA reports