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Sustainable Rivers Audit 2 (SRA 2)

The Sustainable Rivers Audit (SRA) is the most comprehensive assessment of the ecological health of rivers in the Murray–Darling Basin.

SRA 2 is based on data collected at the end of the millennium drought (2008–2010). The detailed report was prepared by the Independent sustainable rivers audit group (ISRAG), which comprised Dr Peter Davies (Chairman), Dr Michael Stewardson, Dr Terry Hillman, Dr Jane Roberts and Dr Martin Thoms.

It represents a significant advance on the first report — Sustainable Rivers Audit 1 (published in 2008) — with additional assessment themes of physical form and vegetation, refinement of components within themes, and improved data sources and analyses.

The period in which SRA 2 data was collected included the severe millennium drought, and the results should be interpreted in the context of the prevailing climate conditions. Due to changes in sampling and analysis methodology, SRA 2 results should not be directly compared with those of SRA 1.