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Managing conflicts of interest

Through its Declaration of Interest Policy and Policy for Managing Sensitive Water Information, the MDBA seeks to ensure that conflicts of interest (real, potential and perceived) are identified, disclosed and managed in a rigorous and transparent way.

Murray–Darling Basin Authority conflict of interest policy

The MDBA conflict of interest policy applies to:

  • All MDBA employees
  • Authority members
  • Committee members
  • volunteers, secondees, work experience, visiting fellows and others who have access to MDBA information by virtue of special arrangements
  • contractors and consultants
  • employees and sub-contractors of companies engaged in contracts to undertake work for the MDBA.

Policy for Managing Sensitive Water Information

This policy interacts with the Declaration of Interest Policy specifically relating to the management of sensitive water information (SWMI).

  • SWMI is information that has not yet been made public and could have a material effect on the price or value of water access rights in the Murray–Darling Basin.
  • The Basin Plan water trading rules prohibit people who have knowledge of certain types of sensitive information from trading before the information is made public.

Conflict of interest guidance for Authority members

The guidance document outlines the arrangements that support the disclosure of interests by Authority members.


Murray–Darling Basin Authority Declaration of Interest Policy 2022–2024
Conflict of interest guidance for Authority Members
Policy for managing sensitive water market information 2022–2024
Updated: 22 Nov 2022  •   Policies and guidelines