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Victorian Murray water resource plan

This water resource plan is the prevailing management plan for the surface water resources in the Victorian Murray water resource plan area.

The plan was accredited by the Australian Government Minister as being consistent with the Basin Plan and commenced on 13 June 2020. The Minister’s decision instrument and the explanatory statement are available on the Federal Register of Legislation.

Key documents informing the recommendation decision are set out below.

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Victoria – Proposed Victorian Murray Water Resource Plans fact sheet
Recommendation documents
MDBA’s Letter to the Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia
The Authority’s recommendation on the proposed Victorian Murray WRP
MDBA’s Assessment of the proposed Victorian Murray WRP
Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations advice on the Victorian Murray WRP

*Part of this document has been redacted to remove personal information

Independent review of the assessment process for the Victorian Murray WRP

The Victorian Murray water resource plan is made up of a number of documents. The key document is the Victorian Murray water resource plan.

The accredited versions of these documents are available below.

Key documents
Victoria’s North and Murray Water Resource Plan Index Table and Comprehensive Report— 26 November 2019
Victoria’s North and Murray WRP Appendices – 26 November 2019
Supporting information
Victoria’s North and Murray Surface Water Resource Plan – Baseline Diversion Limit Re-estimates – 26 November 2019
Source Murray Model – Method for determining permitted take in the Victorian Murray, Kiewa and Ovens SDL resource units – April 2019