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Water resource plans: tools for Basin state governments

A number of tools are available to assist Basin state governments develop their water resource plans.

These include:

  • water resource plan assessment framework
  • guidelines, handbook and explanatory texts
  • position statements.

These documents are a guide only and are intended to provide advice and support to Basin state governments in relation to Basin Plan, Chapter 10 implementation.


Water resource plans amendment guidelines

In January 2021, the Part 1 guidelines were updated to reference the guidelines for minor amendments (Part 2).

Framework, handbook, guidelines
Water Resource Plan Assessment Framework

This document was updated in November 2018 to reflect a minor change in roles and responsibilities.

Handbook for practitioners
Water Resource Plans (Part 9 guidelines)
Water Resource Plans (Part 14 guidelines)
Water Resource Plan assessment guidelines Part 10 s10.46
Water resource plan assessment report template

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority uses this template to assess water resource plans and provide advice for accreditation to the Commonwealth Minister responsible for water.

Water resource plan new projects and operational improvements guidelines
A framework for incorporating changes to baseline diversion limit estimates presented in the Basin Plan (Barma, 2014)
Position statements
Explanatory text for position statements
1A – Incorporation of Basin Plan amendments
1K – Publishing Water Resource Plan documentation
2B – Significant hydrological connection
3A – Determining planned environmental water
3E – Interpretation of annual permitted take
3F – Limits on certain forms of take
3G – Characteristics of water access rights
3K – Take in the context of a Water Resource Plan
4B – Priority environmental assets dependent on groundwater
4C – Groundwater and surface water connections
4D – Productive base of groundwater
4E – Environmental outcomes relating to groundwater
4F – Describe how part 4 was met
6B – Consistency with planning for environmental watering
6C – Enabling environmental watering between connected water resources
6D – Groundwater planned and held environmental water
7B – Alternative water quality target values
9B – Risk assessment strategies
10B – Long-term annual average take
14A – Aboriginal objectives and outcomes
Updated: 07 Dec 2022  •   Policies and guidelines