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Independent review of the efficiency of River Murray Operations

Synergies, in association with Cardno and Economic Insights, has been appointed by the Basin Officials Committee (BOC) to undertake an expenditure efficiency review and develop a Building Block model covering the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s River Murray Operations (RMO).

Building Blocks Model River Murray Operations

This report contains an efficiency review of the RMO. The report contains a building blocks model, consistent with best practice regulatory practice and the Water Charge (Infrastructure) Rules, of RMO costs, incorporating efficient costs.

Author: Synergies Economic Consulting

River Murray Operations Economic Benchmarking Study

This report contains the finalised study undertaken to develop an appropriate economic benchmarking methodology, and initial trial benchmarking exercises, for the RMO.  This study will assist the Joint Venture partner governments in their funding decisions in relation to the MDBA and RMO.

Author: Economic Insights – Michael Cunningham & Denis Lawrence

Efficiency Review of River Murray Operations capital and operating expenditure

This report presents the approach taken and findings of the review of the efficiency of the RMO. The report contains analysis of historic and forecast capital, interviews with State and MDBA staff responsible for RMO, reviews of the current asset valuation, and assessment of the scope for efficiency gains.

Author: Cardno – Aneurin Hughes, Alex Nash, Stephen Walker