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Published: 23 January 2019   •   Flow advice

Landholders and river users, including pumpers, on the Mitta Mitta River are advised to take into account the forecast releases of water from Dartmouth Dam and make any necessary adjustment to their river activities.

Transfers from Dartmouth Dam to Hume Dam were planned to ease to 3,800 ML/day over the Australia Day long weekend. However, forecast heatwave conditions across south-eastern Australia, including Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney are expected to increase electricity demand. In response, AGL Hydro have advised that they will call upon their entitlement volumes from Dartmouth Dam for increased hydroelectricity generation to assist in stabilising the energy grid. This is expected to temporarily increase the release from Dartmouth to 7,000 ML/day during Thursday and Friday. Flows are expected to gradually recede towards 3,800 ML/day over the weekend if electricity demands subside as expected.

For more information please refer to the below AGL Flow Advice.

Landholders and river users on the Mitta Mitta are advised to regularly check the current flows and forecasts on the MDBA website for more information on releases from Dartmouth Dam. Summary information about the River Murray system is available in the River Murray weekly report.

If you are observing bank erosion around key assets on your property, as a result of the recent higher river flows, please call the North East Catchment Management Authority (NECMA). NECMA implements a riparian program in conjunction with the MDBA that aims to help manage erosional impacts related to high flow rates along the Mitta Mitta River downstream of Dartmouth Dam.

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Flow Advice

Date: 23/01/2019
Increase in Release from Dartmouth Reservoir for the purposes of Electricity Generation.


AGL in conjunction with River Murray Operations announced today that releases from Dartmouth Reservoir will be increased for the purposes of Electricity Generation.

The current discharge at Coleman’s Gauge of 3860 ML/d or 2.06M gauge height will be gradually increased to 7000 ML/d or 2.50 M gauge height, commencing 23:00 hrs AEST on 23/01/2019

This increase is expected to result in the flow at Tallandoon rising to approximately 7200 ML/d or 3.0 M gauge height.

The duration of the increased releases for electricity generation is unknown and will be dependent upon electricity demand in the near future. A further flow advice will be issued when there is a significant change to the release program.

For further information contact:

Mr Adam Budzynski
Production Manager,
AGL Hydro


Duty Officer
River Murray Operations
Murray–Darling Basin Authority

Ph: +61 4 7680 6417

Ph: 02 6279 0100

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