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The preparation of this report would not have been possible without the support and assistance of staff from the jurisdictions.

The assistance of staff in the MDBC Office is also gratefully acknowledged, in particular the editorial committee: Kirk Coningham, Helen Templeton, Kael De Costa, Steve Page, Tony Morse and Viv Martin.

Photographic credits

Left navigation bar: Lake Kajarabie near St George, Queensland on the Balonne River, showing the low water levels in the lake with the 2006 drought (Arthur Mostead).

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CE overview: Along the road between Cobar and Bourke; Lake Kajarabie near St George (Arthur Mostead)

Part 1: Mallee scrub near Buronga, New South Wales (Arthur Mostead).

Part 2: Dust storm near Mildura, Victoria; drought-affected wheat crop in the Mallee
(Arthur Mostead).

Part 3: Lake Kajarabie near St George (Arthur Mostead).

Financial statements: Lake Kajarabie near St George (Arthur Mostead).

Appendixes: St George Basin, preparing land for cotton growing (Dean Sewell) (from the Engaging Visions project).